Comment is a note or cross-reference that an author or reviewer can add to a document. Microsoft Word displays the Comment in the Reviewing pane or in a balloon in the margin of the document. Comments dialog box provide supplement knowledge without indulging into the document or make changes in it. Comments present in the document are not usually printed very easily special instructions are to be followed to do so.

Inserting Comments into a Word document in two different ways:

1         By simply clicking at the point where the Comment is to be inserted.

  1. a)       Then go through insert tab and click on Comment dialog box or make a right-click it will display a lot of options and one among them is a comment. Click on comment it will be done.
  2. b)      Comment will be tinted in the right side of your document in a new page.
  3. c)       Now you can insert your text into it.
  4. d)      Viewers can also make a reply on these Comment with different for each Comment.

2         Select the text on which you wish to be commented.

  1. a)       Then follow the same procedure as above.
  2. b)      In the same way, Commentwill be highlighted on the right side on the comments page.
  3. c)       When a click is made on any Comment it displays its place in the document.

Removing or deleting a Comment

select the comment to be removed or eliminated.

Drive through Review tab then enter Comments group.

Hit Delete button otherwise.

Another way to delete a comment, make a right click on the comment you wish to be eliminated.

Then hit Delete Comment button. It will be deleted permanently.

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