www.office.com/setup – Have you ever flapped your wings to get a Video Making software with all the fancy slide transactions and text elements popping on the Screen,

Well most of such Softwares are either expensive or Hard to use, So we bought Microsoft PowerPoint as a rescue tool for us. Let’s Try to solve this mystery and See If PowerPoint can turn our slides into Videos.
As you might have noticed, PowerPoint has many hidden small snappy tricks, if known, Can make the best of the presentation. Though Powerpoint itself depends on good timing and clicks to make the presentation worth presenting. These clicks and slides can be turned into a beautiful Video. May it be a business video, a Simple Sliding Photo Gallery video or something else.We have simple Step guide to show you how you can save your PPT as a video of your choice.

Once you have downloaded Microsoft Office (any version) from www.office.com/setup , You need to launch Microsoft Powerpoint, If you already know how to make a presentation, Make one with everything you want on it, Don’t Forget to Add Transitions and Fancy stuff you want in your video. And if you don’t know how to Make a Presentation, Go to our Blog and Learn more on how to create a Presentation.

Once you have created your presentation check it our in a preview mode, That will give you an idea of how your video is going to look once the Export is done.
Voila! the Presentation you just have prepared looks fine, now all we need is to export it into a video for your friends and People to see.
1. Go to the File Menu on the top left corner.

2. You will find an Option on the left vertical Menu, EXPORT. Click on it.

www.office.com/setup - File Menu

3. Once you click Export,

www.office.com/setup - Export

3. From the List of Options, click on Create a Video

www.office.com/setup - Create a Video

4. Now you can choose the quality of your Video, We recommend it setting to High for greater Graphics quality.

5. Click on the drop down arrow to expand the Use Recorded Timings and Narrations menu. Use this to select whether you’re using recorded timings or not. If not using recorded timings and narrations, set the duration of each slide using the timings option at the bottom.

6. Once all the Options are set and Proper. Click on Create Video.


7. Once you click on Create Video, A box with the option to choose you destination file will appear. Choose you destination and Click Save. (You will also have to choose the type of Video you want to Export.)

8. Hit Save, And Voila! you are done with the video.

For More detailed information on How to save a Presentation into a video you can give us a call or simply connect to us via www.office.com/setup