www.office.com/setup – We have been sending invitations, Letters and Notices to people around the world since the very beginning and it has been one of the great mode of communication.

So we have always tried and made it easy to send invites to people around the world. We have been writing documents in Microsoft Word and then forwarding it in our email to multiple contacts.

So now that we use one of the most powerful suites for productivity, it comes with a great feature. Mailings. It is one of the best and the most powerful thing that comes with Microsoft Word. It will simply help you send a document you have created to you contacts in once. It will even created a beautiful Presentation for you to send. Haven’t You always tried to sent the most beautiful invite to people, and they love it.

The mailing feature is easily locatable on the top bar of Microsoft Word, As shown in the screenshot.

www.office.com/setup - How to Use mailings

Once you click Mailings, there are plenty of Options for you. You can simply either make envelops and bind your contacts to envelops and send a document through a envelop which is quite fascinating. Or you can simply put different letters in designated envelops to send.

Next comes the Labels, You can simple Label the documents for your sorting purpose. and Send it to people as labeled.

Then we have the most commonly used feature, The Mail Merge.

Mail merge is used to create multiple documents at once. These documents have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. Only specific sections of each document varies and is personalised. The documents Word can create with mail merge include bulk labels, letters, envelopes, and emails. There are three documents involved in the mail merge process:

  • Your main document
  • Your data source
  • Your merged document

This all can be taken into considerations when you are willing to use this feature in a document that requires to be sent to multiple or a single person without using your email app. For this feature you need to have your email configured and you need to have an internet Connection.